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Student Testimonies

"Mrs. Tonette, she is a woman and instructor of dedication. I, Sheila Lassiter, was her student in 2012 and in 2020. She encouraged me so much to believe in my visions and goals no matter what age.  She taught me that my visions and goals are obtainable and I went through some storms trying to obtain my goal in her 2020 Phlebotomy Class. I came so close to wanting to give up at times but because of Mrs. Tonette being a strong, devoted, spiritual woman of God and believing in me, she encouraged me that I can become my vision! In 2020 I successfully completed her class! I'm a phlebotomy technician and all through the COVID-19. All my appreciation goes out to my loving instructor Mrs. Tonette Godard, Thank You!
Ready to do it again!"

- Ms Sheila Lassiter


"The phlebotomy class I took was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It taught me so much and helped me get over my fear of getting my blood drawn. The class was always interesting and Mrs Tonette taught it very well. She definitely made it a class that I will never forget."
-Katlyn Tarkington

"Tonette Godard is the best phlebotomy Teacher!"
-Kennita Bond

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