Tonette Godard, M.S., BSMT, MLT(ASCP)cm

A Pathway to Excellence (PWTE) is an expanding phlebotomy training facility located in Greenville, NC. Founded by the Executive Program Coordinator, Mrs. T Godard, M.S., BSMT, MLT(ASCP)cm, while working as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist she noticed a need for an extensive course to effectively nurture and cultivate the minds of aspiring phlebotomist or refine the skills of existing healthcare workers.


This program aims to teach adults of all ages, educational experiences, and backgrounds so that they can embark on careers within the healthcare industry.  At PWTE students will not only learn the indispensable skills to work as a phlebotomist but they will also learn the laboratory implications of their work.  This is done to ensure that participants are most adequately prepared for challenges and expectations within the workplace.


Because of Mrs. Godard’s almost two decades of laboratory experience and a decade of teaching, students can expect a hands-on experience, with a curriculum intentionally tailored to address the realities of phlebotomist in the clinical settings.  Students will leave the program with mastery of the material and sufficiently prepared to gain phlebotomy certification and employment.